12 Mini Punk Records - Series 1


Shipping to United States: $5.00

Hello Punks,Goths, Weirdos or whomever you are,

Von Erickson Laboratories has made it easy for you to down-size your record collection! Get all your favorite's reduced to just a little over 1 inch. Imagine how many you'll have room for now!

Full color cardstock sleeve covers front and back*...note pictures are for reference ...this listing is for the following
Series one includes the following 12 Classics!

Blondie-Plastic letters
The Damned- Damned,Damned,Damned
The Clash-Combat Rock
The Cramps-Off The Bone
X-Los Angeles
The Misfits- Walk Among Us
Anti-Nowhere League- I Hate People
The Dead Kennedys- Holiday In Cambodia
Agent Orange- Bloodstains
The Adverts-Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Adrenalin OD- Let's BBQ
The Art Attacks- I Am A Dalek

*sorry, no actual record inside... if you really wanted to you could make one ... there is a slot for it

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