Creepy Crunch Cereal Necklace - Creepy Cute Laboratory Mix 1313


Shipping to United States: $5.00

Attention all Creepy Cute Cereal Freaks,

Some people can't get enough of the Von Erickson Laboratories Original CREEPY CRUNCH line of necklaces and bracelets!

In this mix we have a few pieces that pay homage to the original Dripping Blood necklace. Also there's Beakers, Bones, Brains, and skulls!

Von Erickson's Creepy Crunch features bats,cats,tombstones,ghosts,abducted cows,hearses,skulls,ufos,coffins,beakers bottles,bones and that's a mouthful ! ...oh yeah , and earth shattering asteroids too!

All hand cast plastic parts so ............. SORRY , these are NOT edible and not for REAL kids, just the kid inside yourselves!

Carefully skull-pted and cast in a durable plastic by yours cruelly! Adjustable chain closure.

Glamour Ghoul Model: Sara Bender

Often Imitated-NEVER Duplicated!

Made in the USA.........Buy American......Stay Creepy
images and item copyright Von Erickson Laboratories 2014

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